Schnelle Anwendungsentwicklung

Rapid Application Development

One of our core competencies is to bring software quickly but resilient and securely to market. We don’t have a wand or magic potion to get things done… we use automation mechanisms and reuse former invented patterns and templates. With this information in mind, the main focus is on the business case, your business case!

Rapid - Really Rapid with XAF

To get astonishing results for business driven applications in blasting fast time, we use XAF from DevExpress. This is a mature framework in Desktop- and Webtechnology which ensures that repeating development tasks are reused by simply applying and configuring the items. So it is possible to realize a business application in nearly no time.
Some estimations in time advantages (estimations in working days, based on experiences in different projects):
Project Classic approach Using XAF
Dataentry app for article attributes with referenced data
Simple Calendar app
ERP App for commissions

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